Nom du groupe : LECKS Inc.

Nom et Prénom du représentant du groupe ou de l’association : Delagrande Alexandre

Nom, Prénom et fonction de chaque membre du groupe :

Delagrande Alexandre – Chant & Programmation
( Auteur + Compositeur + Interprète + Producteur + Organisateur de Fest et Soirée)

(Musiciens de session variables)

BIO – Version courte

Founded in 2009 in the south of France, LECKS Inc. is a French band of experimental industrial metal, crisscrossing diverse and extreme universes, bled by the influences of its members.

BIO – Version longue

LECKS Inc. is a French industrial metal band from Marseille.
Founded in 2009 as a studio project, the success of the first 2 albums allowed to create a line up to ensure live performances throughout Europe.

In 2021, LECKS Inc has recorded 5 albums, toured Europe 4 times covering several hundred dates including opening nights for bands such as: Combichrist, Tim Skold, Vader, Belphegor, Testament, Exodus, Harakiri for the sky, Ktulu, Wormed, Sidilarsen, Misanthrope, and much more. Multiplying live performances in front of thousands of spectators, and having played in about twenty countries, and this on many European festivals including the famous Hellfest, Vagos Metal Fest, Eradication festival, etc. … from Wales to Romania, through Portugal or the islands of Ibiza.

LECKS Inc. is above all a human project that has welcomed many international artists, which includes the collaboration of former musicians of Iron Maiden, Venom, Sirenia, Adagio, Ultra Vomit to name a few.

The band is in constant ascension, making its lineup evolve with each album, alternating tour and studio before going back on tour to never let up its efforts in order to try to always go further.

LECKS Inc. is a band whose music has always been praised for its diversity. With their fifth album, the band multiplies the strings to its bow, exploring new directions, leaving the guitar and drums in favor of electro, working on fusions still unexpected in their repertoires.

Offering a brand new album EBM that may make teeth pop, 8 danceable songs (10 with the album collector) which fall at the right time to accompany this new release of lockdown. H.E.L.L. is a committed hit machine with a danceable style and more approachable for a non-initiated public, and LECKS Inc takes advantage of it to come to settle accounts.

* The band dethroned Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” in 2018, with the song “Everybody Gets One” from their 3rd album for the title of the world’s shortest song.

Ville : Aramon
Région : Occitanie
Email de contact : lecks@hotmail.fr
Acceptez vous d’être contacté directement par nos membres ? Oui, par mail uniquement

Style musical : Indus/Electro Metal

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